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Not only Angkor Wat, then Koh Rong Saloem or Siem Reap, in Cambodia also has an oasis of love that is considered as beautiful as Maldives paradise and the most mysterious world waiting for you to carry backpack and check-in there! It is Song Saa island.

Probably not too many people know about Song Saa Island, the small island is still a little pristine, mainly high-class villas and resorts. Rather, it is a great refuge in the island of Koh Rong, Sihanouk province in Cambodia. Since there are not so many people knowing about this private island so Song Saa becomes more mysterious and it is an oasis of real paradise that lies within the clear blue water and green hills.

Overwater bungalow

Song Saa Island

In the Khmer language, Song Saa means “lover” – an extremely romantic name for this beautiful island, so that is why couples often choose this place as a honeymoon and emotional sublimation.

Unspoiled but still full of dreaming and romance, Song Saa has its atmosphere that makes people here feel separate from the outside world. Just a blue sea, white sand, a sky high above the top with a beautiful sunset or a night sky is enough to satisfy visitors here!

Song Saa Island

How to get to Song Saa Island?
Song Saa is located on two islands, Koh Ouen and Koh Bong, belonging to Koh Rong archipelago. To reach this island first, you must move to the port city of Sihanoukville by plane or bus. Next, you need to book a shuttle service from Sihanoukville International Airport and take the boat from the city to Song Saa Island.

From Vietnam you can book passenger cars from Ho Chi Minh to go to Cambodia, or directly book direct flights to Sihanoukville, now there are a few airlines that have operated direct flights to here. For more convenience and time savings, you can choose to travel by plane.

Song Saa Island

Usually Ho Chi Minh – Sihanoukville flight tickets are usually quite expensive, ranging from $US220 on tickets. However, if you are on schedule soon, or book a ticket on the occasion that the airline is discounting or having a promotion, the fare will not be too expensive. It will usually fluctuate around $US220 for round-trip tickets. You can check the details of the ticket price as well as the airline that operates this flight!

When you come to Song Saa, you can rent bicycles or motorbikes from people on the island to visit, but it is not necessary, because the island is quite small and the things you can experience are quite close each other.

What to see on Song Saa Island?
First of all, with the scenery of heaven and the pleasant atmosphere here, there is no reason for you not to take a dip in the pool or lie on the white sand, forget about the outside world. The beautiful moments like when the sunset begins to fall, the clouds gradually change color and then turn off or the night sky sparkling with thousands of stars also deserves a glimpse once and enjoy.


Song Saa

Arriving at Song Saa during the summer days, when the sky is clear and high, you will have the opportunity to watch the meteor or see the galaxy as it is right in front of you.

Don’t forget, an early dawn on Song Saa Island also promises to make you astonished. As the new rays of the day began to glimmer, along with the night mist that faded away, giving way to the sunlight that began to creep behind the hills, and gradually the sun covered the ground, shining radiating down to the sea surface creating pearls that are clapping in the rhythm.

Song Saa Island

Sitting and watching the dawn, recording the moment when the sun shines on Song Saa island with your other half, this will definitely be a beautiful moment that you will never forget for now. Song Saa is so, always makes people love, more amorous and passionate.

Sogn Saa Island

Coming to Song Saa, you can also visit the island and the fishing village Prek Sway under the guidance of local people or with your fellow travelers to understand the cultural beauty here.

A familiar barbecue but it will also be a perfect suggestion in the scene of the waves, golden sand and poetry at Song Saa Island.

Coming to Song Saa, do not forget to explore the culinary paradise of the island, seafood, or dishes from around the world, and a combination of Cambodian cuisine makes your meals more wonderful than ever.

Song Saa Food

In particular, Song Saa small island, will help you have a truly memorable meal with fresh seafood paradise, you can hand-pick in local fish rafts then bring to the restaurant through processing, or if you chill further, you will have a night of memories on the coast, grilled squid, fish and other seafood.

Song Saa Food

Hopefully with the above sharing, you will have a very impressive trip to Song Saa this summer. It doesn’t matter who you go with, but you must bring your suitcase to experience it!


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