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Oudong Ancient Capital

Travel back to the glory days of the Khmer Empire on a half day tour from Phnom Penh to Oudong, the ancient capital of Cambodia between 1618 and 1866.

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Admire the impressive Khmer architecture sprinkled across 2 ridges of the foothills of the Phnom Udong mountains. The smaller of the 2 ridges features 2 ruined buildings, several stupas, and the remains of Ta San Mosque. The wall paintings of Wat Kampong Tralach Leu remain remarkably well preserved and depict original scenes of rural life over a century ago. Founded by King Srei Soryapor, Oudong thrived under the reign of King Ang Duoug, when canals, bridges, and hundreds of pagodas were built. Surrounding the ruins, you’ll find some smaller pagodas that are still intact, as well as stupas and statues of Buddha. Climb the stairway of the impressive stupa to enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside.

Starting at the base of the stairs that lead to up to the ridge is a memorial to the victims of the Khmer Rouge. It contains bones collected from mass graves that were found in the area. Nearby is a small pavilion with painted murals showing the atrocities that were committed during the Khmer Rouge regime. Take the stairs to the top of the ridge where you will find a modern temple that contains a relic of Buddha, believed to be an eyebrow hair! Continue along the path to three large stupas that contain the ashes of former monarchs. The first is Damrei Sam Poan, next is Ang Doung with colored tiles and the last is Mak Proum, with its four Buddha faces pointing in each cardinal direction.  Beyond Mak Proum are three small shrines, two which contain Buddha images and the third that housed a solid gold statue of Preah Ko – the sacred bull, the original which was looted by the Thais long ago. The most impressive is the remains of Arthaross Temple, a massive enclosure housing a large Buddha that was destroyed by the Khmer Rouge. Despite the battle scars the arm and part of the right side of the original Buddha remain.

Oudong Ancient Capital City of Cambodia
old capital city of cambodia
Oudong ancient capital tour

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