Air Balloon Tours: Angkor Wat - Cambodia & Bagan - Myanmar

Hot air balloons are unique from all other forms of flight because there is no physical sensation of movement or perception of wind. You are traveling with the gentle air currents that layer the sky. In contrast to standing on a building or structure, there is no fear of height, because your eyes have no linear perspective to judge distance from the ground. Balloons usually travel at heights of 500 to 1500 feet, similar to the surrounding hill tops. The feeling is one of peace and tranquility as the earth seems to slowly descend and rotate below you. There is no better way to take one of our air balloon tours in Cambodia and Myanmar or see other Southeast Asia tours here.

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat Air Balloon Ride

Angkor Wat Air Balloon Ride Flying in a hot air balloon over Angkor Wat in Cambodia
per person
1/2 day
Hot Air Balloon Ride in Bagan

Bagan Hot Air Balloon Ride

Bagan Hot Air Balloon Ride Discover Bagan from the air on a hot air balloon ride
per person
1 day