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Viet Holiday Travel, a Vietnam tour operator, has been conceived by Mr. Luu Hoang Anh since early 2005 and specializing in handling all ground travel services, tailored made tours and package holidays to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar & Thailand. For the past 10 years, we have been helping our clients discover exactly why Asia has captured the imagination of visitors as a top holiday travel destination for centuries. With a community of local partners in major Indochina and Southeast Asian destinations, we seek out, refine and deliver a diverse range of travel experiences for a global audience. We succeed in business because we are always passionate & dedicated to our job, non-stop thirst for adventure.

Vision – Mission – Commitment

+ Becoming the most caring tour operator / travel agent especially concerning tour quality and customer services in Indochina and Southeast Asia.

+ Assisting individuals, groups and families in planning and selecting the right travel options to match their specific travel needs in each desired destination as well as ensuring satisfied 100% customers services delivery

+ Our commitments as a sustainable and responsible travel business are core to our purposes and values, our company policies and tour programs are focused on respecting, protecting and benefiting our customers, employees, communities and environment.

Why Travel With Us

+ Diverse Destinations: We offer your trips to diverse destinations in an exotic location & craft a customized travel itinerary that caters to your needs.

+ Local Experience: A global community of local experts, helping you plan perfect trips with real locals. Connect you with locals thru food & travel experiences.

+ Prompt Response: We will reply to you within 6-12 hours after having received your questions / inquiries

+ Tailored Made Expert: We can create the ultimate tailor-made tour itineraries based on preferences & budget for individuals, couples, groups, families, and holiday lovers.

+ Quality and Safety Services: Apart from providing you with our excellent services, safety is one of the most important criteria our company cares about to make sure your trip goes smoothly and pleasantly from the beginning till the end of the tour.

+ Best Prices: You are guaranteed the best prices and always feel great for your vacation plans & value for money! You can book with confidence.

+ Emotional Travel: Beyond selling vacations, we push emotional connection to travel: memories, smells, sounds, sights & experiences.

+ Customer Care 24/7: We care about you before, during and after a tour

+ Money Back Guarantee – Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with our services, a refund will be made.

Travel License

Travel License

Our Team

Hoang Anh Luu (Managing Director) The founder of Viet Holiday Travel and the 3 websites:, and Hoang Anh has an enterprising spirit, and an energetic personality. He had worked in hotel industry for 3 years, when he realized that the conditions there were stifling. He tried, over some time, to change careers and jobs, but none helped satisfy the growing urge to be part of a bigger picture. He finally decided to become an English speaking tour guide in 1997. After working as a tour guide for 8 years, he realized that Vietnam was a very potent travel market for the outside world. He, therefore, decided to set up his own company specializing in travel services in the hope that he would help travelers choose their right travel options and realize their holiday dreams based on his local experiences.

Hoang Anh Luu

Lan Cham (Events, Domestic & Outbound Tour Manager) Graduated from National University with a degree in tourism and hospitality management in 1999, she soon realized her dream and became a tour guide at a local travel company based in Hanoi. Having been in this position for 6 years, she wanted to be a tour organizer that would provide larger travel services, and hence, in late 2005, she became an official member of Viet Holiday Travel.

Lan Cham

Hoai Giang (Sales & Operations Executive) She grew up in Hanoi and graduated from Hanoi University with a degree in English. She works closely with other Viet Holiday Travel’s colleagues as they request and double-check every booking and reservation before assembling the final package. Giang lives with her husband and one daughter in Hanoi.  In fact, she is the most thorough one in the office.


Hong Dzung  (Sales & Operations Executive) She is from Bac Ninh where is well known for Quan Ho folk songs and handicraft villages. She graduated from Foreign Language College in 2005 with a Bachelor’s degree in English and right then was thrilled to join Viet Holiday Travel as a tour operator. In her free time she enjoys traveling with her beloved family and spending time in the beautiful outdoors.


Phi Trang  (Cashier) She is born in Thai Binh, where is known as “granary” of Vietnam. Graduated from Community College with a degree in accountancy, she involved in Viet Holiday Travel as a cashier in 2010. She is the youngest person in the office and her obsessed idol is a K-Pop star called Lee Mint Ho. She is sociable and likes traveling, chatting and partying out with friends.

Trang Phi

Duy Long (Logistic Coordinator) After graduating from RMIT University in Hanoi with a Bachelor’s degree in commerce in 2009, he started his career as a business development officer with a state company. He soon realized that the conditions there were stifling. He tried, over some time, to change careers and jobs and finally decided to join Viet Holiday Travel to satisfy his passion for travel.


Thu Ha (Accounting Manager) With a Bachelor’s degree in finance, she typically is responsible for overseeing all aspects of company’s accounting function that consists of preparing  monthly,  quarterly & annual  financial  reports, maintaining accurate and up to date records of all financial  transactions, re-conciliating bank  statements, ensuring appropriate financial  control in line with Vietnam legislation.


Nam Dong (Tour Leader) He was born in Hanoi, where he grew up too. His knowledge of Vietnam is of the highest standard. He is fun, always positive and ensures that travelers have wonderful trips. Apart from being a tour leader, he has a little “Junk Shop”, which is not only helping him get more money from but also where he spends his free times on painting. Dong lives with his wife and two sons in Hanoi.

Nam Dong

Thien Anh (Tour Leader) He is married with 2 daughters, Thien Anh became a tour guide after having graduated from Hanoi’s National University of Foreign Language with a Bachelor’s degree in English in 1997. He has a great source of knowledge and provided valuable insight into the history and cultural aspects of Vietnam. He is a dedicated, punctual and entertaining guide.

Thien Anh

Cong Ha (Tour Leader) Words can not express how excellent Ha is. His knowledge, attention to every detail and enthusiasm for guiding people around are incredible. Travelers particularly respect his awareness of safety at all times and his professionalism in dealing with difficulties wherever they arise. He always goes out of his way to solve problems for other participants.

Cong Ha

Xoan Nguyen (Sales Representative in Canada) She was born and grew up in Quy Nhon, one of the most famous beach destinations in Vietnam. Graduated from International University in Ho Chi Minh City with a Bachelor’s degree in marketing in 2009, she worked for some different private companies before joining Viet Holiday Travel as Sales and Marketing Representative. She now lives in Canada.


Sharon Slater (Sales Representative in UK)

sharon slater 1